Who We Are:

StudyLab Development and Education Center was established in 2019 by highly-experienced coaches and business professionals to serve the needs of people in achieving consistently high performance in pressure-packed competition environments. It is the philosophy of StudyLab that Human of 21st Century should pursue a goal to learn, develop and increase his/her possibilities.

StudyLab strives for long-term cooperation and partnership, and attaches high importance to development of the most high-rated training and mentorship programs for private, public and government organizations by providing timely quality assurance of the developed modules.


We exercise all the reasonable options to become the No 1 Choice for everyone who desires to improve their education, enjoy their leisure time and broaden their perspective. We aim to be preferred and favourite platform for each and every progressive-thinker and forward-minder in Azerbaijan and we are always pleased to welcome and embrace into our community.


StudyLab is an ideal choice for everyone who is in search for self-development, give a boost to their education and broaden their horizons. People of any age, any interest and involvement will definitely find rich source of self-development for competitive prices.

Our Core Values

StudyLab supports the following core values that are essential for intellectual, spiritual, personal and corporate life:

Enlightenment: We do believe in enlightenment. Every person needs to grow richer mentally with every day. Firstly, this comes with character building, and then goes on with education and professional self-development, and finally, results in enlightenment and exchange of experience. We are here to provide everyone with the opportunity to meet such demands.

Customer Confidence: For us the most important thing is to maintain long-term trust and confidence of our corporate customers and their employees. Delegate your duties and responsibilities to us and be assured that StudyLab will provide the most favourable and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation based on mutual understanding and respect.

Care: We do care about you! Care is our core business. It means that we are open to discussions. We continuously strive to improve our processes to be able to meet all of your requirements and find the best possible opportunities for you.

Innovation: We do support advanced, cutting-edge and creative ideas. It is in our DNA and reflected in every training program we choose, our training center, internship/on-the-job training, each and every event that we offer.

Individual Approach: As a part of our business approach we create custom-tailored training programs for each customer to ensure that all of their requests are fully met.

What We Offer:

International education and career development programs covering various specialization fields

Specialized international training program

Organizational advisory support (including individual coaching sessions)
Range of attractive services for small and medium-sized companies.

Development of powerful and cutting-edge development tools for the generation of effective talent pools, as well as re-specialisation programs within government agencies

Organization of international seminars, master classes and conferences involving local and international experts

Organization of Teambuilding activities, Corporate & Business events

Building of modern training environment for the development of expert groups in economics and management

Development of advanced practices, methods and tools widely used in various speciality areas